Celebration, Lament and Hope

These are the three things that Ian Bradley in Colonies of Heaven says that we need to do in worship suggesting that:

We need above all to have more sense of heaven in our worhip and to make the places where worship, whether churches or homes, colonies of heaven in which earth and heaven meet, the glory shines through the grey, ordinary things are rendered extraordinary and hope keeps breaking through.  Then perhaps people will come to worship with a sense of excitement and expectancy rather than out of a sense of duty.

Stirring Stuff…

the way, the truth, the life

I reminded myself of some comments I made whilst being interviewed for the Diocesan Mag this week, namely that I (we) should make time to prepare properly for worship, making time amongst the pressures around. However, breaking my own suggestion, I kind of rushed the sermon on Sunday.

I wonder whether I was too keen to point out that I felt awkward with the passage and its use in being a gatekeeper to the kingdom when really the only judge is God. I’m not sure how it was taken, though there were some kind comments afterwards.

I am sure though that with longer reflection on the passage I would have probably approached it slightly differently.

So, in penance I have decided to re-write, well actually write (I only preached from notes) the sermon out in full. Since I am away for a few days, (see the last post) (it’s dry and warm, no soggy cycling!!) I shall perhaps post it on my return having had a few days to mull it over!!

The Cardiff Bay Lightship

In 1988 the churches in Cardiff were called together by the Cardiff Bay Development Corporation to discuss the role of Christianity in the bay area. The churches were seen as playing an important part in the community and should be involved at the very hub of the new developments. To this end Helwick LV14 was purchased and restoration begun to create a floating Christian Centre.

The Lightship provides a bold central focus for the Churches of Wales and will be home to a centre for counselling, worship, exhibitions, meetings, a book shop, refreshment area and the cabins will be used for small residential stays, especially designed for youth groups.