Weddings – I seem to remember from distant (!) days at St. Mike’s were supposed to be the showcase for the best of what happens in church – this is a particularly painful memory when drawling out ‘Give me oil in my lamp’ with perhaps four or five other strong singers (congregation of about 150) I guess it is not only the terraces that have lost the art of singing. Perhaps for my first wedding ‘solo’ I should invite the Welsh chapel congregation to bolster the voice.

It is really hard to muster a good spirit of a joyous occasion, not necessarily with alcohol, when no-one sings. Especially when those songs are ones which everyone and their Gran grew up with. Perhaps the Welsh plan to get the terraces singing again needs to be enlarged to occasional office congregations!


I have now been to two civil wedding ceremonies…
The first was let me say, lacking something! (having only been to church weddings, Mendelssohn, hymns choirs bells etc, all the romantic trimmings.)
So yesterday’s civil ceremony was a little on the odd side as actually I thought it was really good.
The vows were honest and loving, and the whole thing was somehow reverent.
Still there was something missing, something to do with the ceremony having a bit of a bite to it, you know, the sort of thing at which you ‘clench’. (see Coupling (BBC TV series))
But perhaps that is the old romantic seeing that the lifelong commitment of two people should be in the sight of something far more immovable than the law.