Back to College

We, that is the Deacons in Wales who were ordained this year, are back in college for a few days.

It is certainly strange being back, I did not envisage missing much, yet the nostalgia attached to being here is certainly quite unsettling. I think it must be the lack of being on show, able to relax, not caring what others think so much. This is especially true in chapel. A few of us realised that we have being giving for the past two months, not taking, as far as the worship is concerned and it is great to do something for yourself.

So if that is the perspective after two months; what will the feelings be like by next year?

Steps must be taken to avoid only giving. There is a solemn mass on Friday for the Nativity of the Virgin Mary organised by the local SCP at Llanfair TH, hopefully that should start to alleviate feelings of self neglect!

I also need to find a way to package a hug and send it through the post…


A Bishop’s visitation shortly after ordination does seem a little over the top, but one cannot choose when they happen!!
We actually had a reasonably interesting day walking from Llanasa to St. Asaph with Deanery clergy, the Bishop, Dean and a few others.
It was good to see a bit of Wales without a car, we saw such a different view strolling down tiny country lanes occasionally being able to see distant mountains or Cathedrals. Walking doesn’t seem to be a big part of the job so far… I did try cycling down to the church last Sunday, however it was the hill on the way back up which was the killer.
Perhaps I will drive next week!

Itchy feet

No, not athletes foot…

We all went off to North Wales last week to see a possible place for a title parish. I had already visited the vicar to see if it would be possible, but this was a longer visit with time to reflect on the town.
A small place, much like Caernarfon, a market street, largely bypassed by the majority of people as the A55 streams past it carrying its cargo between the North West and North West Wales. People off to enjoy their weekend cottages on the Llyn no doubt!

The landlady at one of the local pubs said things were looking up for the town, new businesses moving in, more jobs. More money to Tesco! I declined that invitation to comment…

I have always been reluctant to be doing this, hence the title of the blog, but, now it seems that it is going to be a reality, I am quite looking forward to it. We are only at the beginning of the spring term at college, life begins tomorrow at 11am with the Methodist Covenant service. Mercifully I am in the organ loft!

I am really wondering how I am going to maintain the energy to continue with college when there is the prospect of a new challenge, the parish to get stuck into, projects to organise, new people to meet, a new house to furnish! And will it be the Reluctant Curate or not? Some things never change!