Cycling into next week

Getting into this cycling thing, I decided that I should really test out the new(ish) bike and take it for a good long run… To St. Beuno’s and back. This was a test run for next week as we are away at the St. Beuno’s centre for three days. It was about 20 miles or so, really worth it! the views are fantastic along the route, really not done any justice by these images. (below) I was slightly concerned by the large hill Moel Maenefa that was listed as being roughly where St. Beuno’s should be, however dissimilar its name to Moel Famau, it still made me double take, fortunately its height was not!

Yr Wyddgrug

Or Mold, if you prefer.

No, not the stuff that festers atop the last slice of bread in the umpteenth bag you pull out of the bread box, that has a ‘u’ in it, but the little gem south of Holywell, about 10 miles round trip away.

More of these entries seem to be talking about food. Well it is something we spend an awful lot of time doing – eating. We have now found a fantastic little deli selling gourmet olives, cheese and other bits from Wales and the continent. Tasters Deli. I would give you the web address, but they don’t have one, I guess they are too busy organising the food! Well I’m not going to be one to divert their attention away from it!

Mold also hosts a market twice a week, and, (the reason we went) a farmers market. Now I can give you the address for this, also the address for the national farmers market organisation whose members sell their produce all over the UK via the web. Virtual farmers market now!

Celyn Farmers Market

Online Farmers Market

Llanfair Talhaiarn

This is an unremarkable village in that it really is nowhere, at least, it is now, nestling 5 or so miles south of Abergele on the banks of the Elwe river. You would be forgiven for suggesting it is just a postcard village and if you read the village web-site you would be forgiven for thinking they were either careless with matches, or that nothing remarkable happened there at all except for fires!

The Patronal festival took me to this village, while the ordinary village life continued around, the fantastic sound of the choir and organ was a treasure to behold – simply divine!