silence & news

i realised this morning it has been about 1 month since i last posted something here… Since i am sat waiting for a new tyre for my m/bike there was no excuse!
News- we have finally gathered the cash together to transform the church in greenfield into a great community space. Mainly thanks to the welsh assembly government, and to think – i voted against devolution!

Hafod Eryri


“The Summit of Snowdon:  Here you are nearer to heaven”

Catchy sentiments; and maybe, but still a long way off, were my first impressions.  I think I’ll have to sit out on the theological arguments about that one!!  Later thoughts might have contemplated things along the lines of this: Climbers and walkers are among the most generously spirited folk and the camaraderie of the mountain climbing fraternity has something to offer to an often mean spirited world, perhaps a glimpse of heaven? Well, to the world of a popular (or perhaps less so) religion, I guess it is easier to have heaven as a place out of reach to even those who chose to climb an average-sized mountain.

However, the new building looks great and sits well on Yr Wyddfa, (something the old cafe never did, but I’ll miss the Guinness)

Hafod Eryri opens on June 12th weather permitting!!

Umeed Partnership

I’ve undertaken the ‘small task’ of looking after the website of a local charity, the Umeed Partnership.  I have had links with some of those involved from days in Bangor.  As well as the website, Umeed now has a Facebook page.  Umeed provides opportunities for disadvantaged women and children in Pakistan.  You can help by spreading the word and becoming a fan on Facebook or keeping up with the news on the website.