the way, the truth, the life

I reminded myself of some comments I made whilst being interviewed for the Diocesan Mag this week, namely that I (we) should make time to prepare properly for worship, making time amongst the pressures around. However, breaking my own suggestion, I kind of rushed the sermon on Sunday.

I wonder whether I was too keen to point out that I felt awkward with the passage and its use in being a gatekeeper to the kingdom when really the only judge is God. I’m not sure how it was taken, though there were some kind comments afterwards.

I am sure though that with longer reflection on the passage I would have probably approached it slightly differently.

So, in penance I have decided to re-write, well actually write (I only preached from notes) the sermon out in full. Since I am away for a few days, (see the last post) (it’s dry and warm, no soggy cycling!!) I shall perhaps post it on my return having had a few days to mull it over!!

Extreme Pilgrim

I’ve just finished watching Extreme Pilgrim on the new BBCi player, v.useful!! Well, I thought I had better watch the program since I preached about it in the context of epiphany!!

Revd Peter Owen Jones says that Church of England is intellectual, while one of the religions he is visiting is purely physical in its spirituality, its path to God. Well, I would have to say that after a weekend of bricklaying, I rather feel that we can do the physical as well, we just have to be slightly more creative about it. Perhaps laying the foundations of a greenhouse is not quite what he is on about…

I look forward to the next episode on Friday 9pm BBC2

Since writing the above I have realised that I always ‘write’ my sermons whilst doing something, walking, shopping, gardening etc. I guess the physical frees the mind to think clearly.

Our Daily Advent

Imagine a theatre, an Elizabethan theatre perhaps, the ones with a stage surrounded by seating and an arena for standing viewers.

It’s packed, there is a new play, the program has the title
The Beginning of the Gospel about Jesus Christ, the son of God.’
The crowd are in hushed anticipation, not sure of what to expect, jostling one another for position to be the first to see who comes out onto the stage, to find out about the new story, the new play.

SUDDENLY a curtain above the stage flies open and a trio of trumpeters step out and play a glorious fanfare. From off stage a voice sings out:
‘Prepare ye the way of the lord’
The crowd look from one to another in disbelief, is this what they have been waiting for?

A lone thespian steps from behind a curtain and delivers a speach about a guy called John and something to do with sandals and thongs

It is all a bit much, the audience have heard it all before, it’s the same story in a new box, nothing different from last time.

They were all expectant, but missed the point

Wanted to hear the news, but missed it in the new presentaion

Almost unnoticed, and with devestating humility, in the guise of many who are poor and in need, Christ Comes into each heart open to receive him.

Not just for Christmas, not just this Advent, but each and every day