Leaving assembly

Not just the leaving prayer this year but a whole 5 minutes.

Cue balloons.

You will need one modelling balloon, preferably a long one, and a pump.

Blow it up all the way taking about how we fill ourselves with information over the year.

Then let it go, (the children love this bit) and mention that we hope they don’t lose all they have learnt over the summer like the balloon lost its air.

Start again.  This time inflate to 3/4 and tie off.  The make the following bubbles whilst talking about all the different, unconnected things one might have learnt over the year / years.  one Tulip twist or 1″ bubble if you can’t do the tulip.  Two 1/2″ bubbles, five 1″ bubbles.  Twist after the two 1/2″ together before the last 1″, push the Tulip through the ring and set the flower.

If you have enough left, you should be able to make the petals.

Whilst doing this talk about all the different things we learn coming together into something wonderful and creative, rather than just a lot of air that blows away.  If we make the most of our school years, we can be whatever we aspire to be, creative, brilliant and clever, just like this flower. (or not if it goes wrong) Mustn’t worry that it might all seem a bit disjointed at the start, or at times we really don’t know where we are going there is always a creative and wonderful unique purpose for each person and, unlike the balloon, it gets better and better the more you discover…

Well, it worked anyway.

For better balloon twisting instructions google “flower balloon twisting”

There goes a First in Human Ecology

Well who knows what the young lad will be when he is older, yet already old beyond his years with his perspective on animal and human life. A risk assessment, boring by anyone’s standards, made bearable by doing it with the children before gardening! Q. What are the hazards? A. Animals, we don’t want to hurt them! That must be a first, adding other animal life into the equation as if it were as important as human – which in my mind of course it is. If St. Francis were alive and dealing with risk assessments he would be proud of that young lad – ‘brother worm and sister slug’!!

Leaving Prayer

Roll out the Vicar…   my contribution to our leavers service in the school.

A Leaving Prayer

God we pray:

May you who leave this place:
Take with you every blessing you have received here:

Blessings of friendship
Blessings of memories
Blessings of knowledge

And may you who leave here today to begin a new journey, leave us your blessing; your uniqueness, the mark you leave on this place that is only you.

May you all be refreshed this summer, Teachers, Pupils, Support Staff, and parents,

So when term begins again,
You may all meet new challenges, new places, new people,
with a bright and cheerful heart.

So we pray that all may grow and learn to live with Love.

May God bless you all this day and through all the days to come.  Amen.