I have seen a glimpse of a place not yet,
covered as if with glistening dew in the
morning sun, being prepared for me to dwell in.
I am not yet there. I am but a sapling learning
how to grow in a new clearing when a tree falls.
Emptiness around beckoning like an early sun’s
lighting of a summer cloud above the morning mist,
serene, with promise. That which fell as harsh rain
might yet fall sweet, refreshing, drawing me onwards
encouraging growth.



The shepherds came and went.
Came with a gift of wonder
Went out with a gift of joy.
Came with hope with a simple desire.
To understand, to witness, to see.
Such joy the gift of a new born child.
A gift to go out, to share good news.
Out in praise with thankful hearts.
Wonder, Joy, hope, understanding.
Witnessing, sharing, praising.
Wrapped in love, a gift for free.



A small town cannot cope
I tell you – we’ve never been busier!
Every room taken from simple lodge
to high class hotel. Not even a cave
can spare its shelter.
No room to lay a head for a night.
No room I tell you,

No room for a saviour,
No place for a son to be born
of God of Mary for all…
to have room in our hearts.
To offer a place to lodge for all time,
not just this night in December,
but each night.

Perhaps there is room,
a corner
to cradle
the King of Love.


Written for 2016 Carol Services reflecting on the unseen homeless residents of our towns and villages.  With love and much respect to all at:  Hope Restored