In the crowd

Chi-Rho Penmachno Stone

There in the crowd.
A half smile, world weary but
with gestures of warmth.

There again.
soft words a voice of
understanding amidst pain.

A slow pace.
walking with empathy
alongside broken hearts
and damaged lives.

Vulnerable, humble.

For Pax Christi Peace Sunday 15th Jan 2017  Jn.1:29, 36

Politely Protesting

The police were concerned that more than 500 protestors at a time might prove to be a ‘health and safety issue’

So we very politely and reverently laid the coffins of our climate at the feet of EON, who are planning a new Coal-Fired Power station, whilst committing to keep campaigning towards the Copenhagen meeting in December when we will find out if Britain has the balls to tackle climate issues properly.


This mornings reflection was about non-violence and the work of Pax Christi. The aim of such reflections is, I guess to make us think, listening to the breakfast conversation following this it certainly provided food for thought.
But the reference to the beatitudes was mentioned, blessed be the peace makers. A wonderful book by Elias Chacour ‘We belong to the land’ has a passage about these sayings. In the Aramaic the word ‘blessed’ has an active meaning, rather than the passive nature of the English translation blessed. He would read it Get up, move, go ahead you peacemakers… Far more indicative of the nature of non-violence as it necessarily requires action as apposed to pacifism which is seemingly passive in nature.