an ark for Epiphany

Trying to keep up with the promise I made to finish books before buying others, I realise that I am way behind on that score already. Reading yesterdays entry from ‘All Saints’ late, but in keeping with the season, Epiphany. (See Maggi Dawn’s comments on that subject!) Lanza del Vasto a modern prophet and ‘Noah’ died yesterday in 1981. He built an Ark of people to “preserve certain values from the deluge of violence and ugliness and efficiency that threatened to make the planet uninhabitable” Also (still) reading Hell and High Water on the plethora of flood narratives from the ancient world.  It matters less that we believe all these occurrences of world scale flood events literally, rather that we take note of their moral critique.  If we are to build an Ark to survive the modern floods, perhaps it should be one like that of Lanzo del Vasto, rather than complaining and moaning about the situation and the violence of society, he gathered around him those who would live and model a community of non-violence to prepare for the age to come.  An Epiphany gift, an Ark, to plug the spiritual and knowledge gap between the way we live now and the way we will have to live in the future. Such a thing is a bright hope for a new year.   More on the Community of the Ark.

Any fool can make things complicated

E.F. Schumacher said that:

“Any fool can make things complicated, but it requires a genius to make things simple.”

Satish Kumar quoted this in Resurgence Then went on to say that

“Simplicity requires less ego and more imagination, less complication and more creativity, less glamour and more gratitude, less attention to appearance and more attention to essence.”

On the basis on E. F. Schumacher’s thinking there have I guess been a very small number of geniuses in the world of religion, George Fox perhaps, a Desert Father or two, oh and of course our dear Lord Jesus!  Looking forward to next Sunday’s Gospel reading, John 10: 11-18 and indeed the Genesis reading, a good dose of simplicity would suit all around!