It seems a little surreal sitting in a hotel lounge typing this, nevertheless it was rather good to have complimentary copies of the Independent – it seems to be a rather good paper, I do remember blogging about never wanting to read another paper for a while because of the lack of ‘good news!’ After listening to Jeremy Vine and various angry people with strange views about many subjects, I was happy to read that the residents whose houses are to be destroyed to create space for the new runway at Heathrow were largely rather unhappy about the prospect. Of course this isn’t a few houses is it two villages. Someone commented in the paper that it was reminiscent of the Highland clearances, well yes, it also reminded me of Treweryn. Although the climate change issue is important, the destruction of these communities of people is rather more distressing, especially with the way it seems to be approached. Nothing is to get between people and their precious flight – not even someone’s home!

Snow – The Gift of a Day

As the single flake fell, the newscasters and weather reporters gasped and reached for their cameras to record the moment the first ever flake of snow fell on Britain – Because it never snows here does it?

Well only every year. Once a year, pretty much give or take we get one good snow fall. You would think that everyone would be used to the snow by now. That the rail companies would have engineered tracks not to be made unusable with the ‘wrong type of snow’. But no, we don’t for a day or two the country is gripped by snow fever. The letter bombings of the past week, the skirmishes on the Israeli – lebanese border all forgotten, because there is snow.

I take my hat off to Jeremy Vine of Radio 2 today. Instead of going on about how bad the snow has affected each person in the country with a blow by blow account of shovels and blankets, his program was largely about the joy of a day in the snow. It began by his own recording of his jog to work – 5 miles through the snow. Noting the beauty and differences a blanket of white makes, here’s to a gift of a day.

A day like this is a gift – take it or leave it, but it is a gift