Close to the Land

I’ve been reading around the subject of community farms recently and via a few references ended up reading Walter Brueggemann’s book,  ‘The Land, Place as Gift, Promise, and Challenge in Biblical Faith’ All this has led me perilously close (close, but not quite) to John’s area of expertise – Psychogeography.  I noticed John is talking with Iain Sinclair at Greenbelt.  Might be worth a listen!  In fact, scanning the lineup of talks there are a few people talking on ecology issues – seems like I’ll have to take a pen…


Ok Church of England, it’s up to you – according to HFW that is, on River Cottage Autumn  all that land going spare, plenty of it could be used for growing vegetables and other culinary delights.  The Diocese of London seems to be in on the act.  I wonder if the church would consider going one step further and firstly managing the land it owns sustainably and secondly, securing land around its own buildings, perhaps even buying up vacant lots of land to slow development and give more potential for growing… …  See Hugh’s Landshare site.