Standing in the place of Privilege

This idea began with the most basic and necessary of human needs, the loo! And why not! It is often when we are at our most vulnerable, backs against the wall, cornered like a rat that we are able as part of our in-built human instinct to react, call it fight or flight if you like, but I would like to think that this is a place from which we can begin to be creative. I’m not of course talking now of needing the loo, there is only one way to react to that – being British – and at Greenbelt – queue!
‘Standing in the place of privilege’ is more about seeing where we are from a different perspective, we may often not feel privileged, yet to the majority of the world our whole existence is a privilege. We can get depressed at this, or we can use our privilege for something creative.

Little Saint nick(ed)

Well, not quite, but trying to deliver presents to children at Yarlswood detention centre, St. Nicolas and Rev’d Professor Nicholas Sagovsky, Canon Theologian at Westminster Abbey were stopped from entering to deliver the gifts to those children held there who the Government has said should only ever be held as “a last resort” see BBC report

Read more here and watch the video of St. Nicolas attempting to deliver the presents.

Weight of the World

I know it’s not good to dwell on impossible questions, however, there may be an answer to this one.  I don’t think it would be easy to get though, it would mean everyone being honest, no, really honest!!

So, What is the weight of the world?  Not its mass, that, according to google is:

mass of Earth = 5.9742 × 1024 kilograms

What I was thinking about was the weight, and wondered if it was proportional to the amount of pressure we put on the earth:  Perhaps the harder we stand, the greater the weight on the world, no prizes for guessing I’ve been listening to Alastair McIntosh on MP3, somehow I managed to miss all three of his appearances this year at Greenbelt!

So what is the weight of the world?  Well if we all calculate our footprint, how heavy we are on earth’s resources, how many tons of fuel a year we use for starters add to that the food we consume and the weight of the rubbish we throw away, add all the figures together and give it a value in weight…

Ok, it’s an impossible question, however it is possible to do in terms of carbon, I tried this calculator, it’s quite worrying that I don’t think that we as a family use a great deal of resources, however we would still have to cut our footprint by two thirds to achieve the global target…