The middle way

I imagine you
walking the opposite way
arriving at the marker post from
the other direction. Disappearing
into tussocks, sunk deep into the sodden
landscape. Swallowed up or sucked down.
Visible for a brief moment then gone.  Like
signposts in life. A brief moment of brightness
that leaves an image greying into the mists of memory.
Thoughts cloud and change what was once clear and sharp.
Your way ahead the path I’ve walked and your past mine
for the future. Our gift to each other.



A small town cannot cope
I tell you – we’ve never been busier!
Every room taken from simple lodge
to high class hotel. Not even a cave
can spare its shelter.
No room to lay a head for a night.
No room I tell you,

No room for a saviour,
No place for a son to be born
of God of Mary for all…
to have room in our hearts.
To offer a place to lodge for all time,
not just this night in December,
but each night.

Perhaps there is room,
a corner
to cradle
the King of Love.


Written for 2016 Carol Services reflecting on the unseen homeless residents of our towns and villages.  With love and much respect to all at:  Hope Restored


Is our advent adventure
as scary and exciting
as that first journey away
from home to Nazareth?
What dangers and discoveries
are wrapped in our future?

This Advent adventure is different
as something comes to us
through the darkness
our candles mere tokens
of unimaginable light.

The advent adventure
continues in light and shade
of stories old and ours untold
begins to merge – forwards
onwards towards the coming light.


Written for 2016 Carol Services with inspiration from Advent Adventure by Frances Copsey in ‘Candles and Conifers’ Ruth Burgess (ed.)