arrivals gate

At the arrivals gate a family gathers.
A few curious onlookers stop to see.
No royalty here, no armed guard just
a donkey and her colt carrying a sole
figure.  From Bethany perhaps where
wine, bread and olives were shared
before for this journey.  Another gate
not so far away soldiers come to keep
the peace they said but you can’t keep
what you never had.  Armed guards and
courtiers accompany those who wash their
hands with sanctions over the violence of others.


Good practice for ordination I guess.
Got back from Iona, one day of family stuff, end of term service to do music for and a few hours later in a car racing off to Liverpool to be involved with Holy Week at St. Anne’s Stanley. It was a fascinating look into parish life during a major festival and the four of us who went had an amazing time. Stanley and stoneycroft, the two parishes served by the clergy we were hosted by are on the edge of areas earmarked for regeneration.
We were slightly bemused that one of the main objectives, ready for Liverpool’s year as capital of culture, is to replace all the kerbstones from grey, to grey with shiny bits! Our week was shaped by the Holy Week services, including visiting Liverpool Cathedral for Evensong and the Chrism Mass, we also had time to catch up with friends and even (for two of us) a quick trip on the Mersey Ferry! One less thing to do before I depart.
What struck us the most from the ferry – not so obvious from the ground – was the major work going on in Liverpool ahead of the year as capital of culture.
I understand that there is a saying in Liverpool that is always true, ‘we’re on the way up’ but never seeming to get there!