Bank Holiday Weekend

Sat in study in North Wales…

Not the place to be on August Bank Holiday weekend, the place to be (at the moment) is Cheltenham race course. I haven’t got a taste for the races either. It is the Greenbelt festival this weekend. I was reminded about this when turfing through papers from the old house, but even more so when Billy Bragg was on Steve Wright in the Afternoon on radio 2, he is also playing Greenbelt.

I remember one great year and a memorable comment about the Sunday of Greenbelt weekend, the late great Greenbelt regular Mike Yacconelli that Sunday worship at Greenbelt was like Heaven on earth, everyone was there, high church, low church, no church, wierd church and so the list goes on…

Old mail and Greenbelt

After a fleeting visit to the old house in Llanrug this weekend, I discovered amongst the mountain of mail, a number of strange letters from the TV licensing people, Why is it you cannot have a house without a television these days???

Also a christmas card with £30 in it


A plethora of Greenbelt information leaflets. Having not been last year and realising I would probably not be able to go this year I was quite surprised to know the title is ‘heaven in ordinary’

I’m guessing this might have a little to do with John!!

Greenbelt it seems is not really known about in the parish here… … somethings are always set to challenge us – life would be boring without them!