on enlarging the heart

We are a lazy species for the most part, that’s not to say we don’t need (want?) all manner of things to take away some of the effort of daily life, how long before the ipad becomes a necessity as have gadgets before it.  Two of the best comments on said item are conveniently together, the ipitaph.

When it comes to church and religion in general we can be even more lazy.  Few of us, I think, will ever do what St. Thomas Aquinas did and put theology before such rigorous questioning.  Of course papal authorities were lazy too!  Instead of engaging with the questions that Aquinas raised his “Summa” was seen as the answers to theological inquiry.  I wonder what the heart of Aquinas was like?  The legacy of St. Thomas Aquinas is then perhaps an open mind and an open heart both at work ready to discover the best, then of course at the end, when it is revealed to us, to lay down the pen / ipad / iphone / laptop etc. and dwell in the vision of God.  An open heart, open to a myriad of possibilities.

I know, Aquinas is normally remembered on 28th, but I was lazy…