Heb Gwallt

It’s gone…

Not missing it yet, although I have gone to move my hair a few times only to be met with a furry lump!!

Thanks for the tip John, it is really cold round the edges outside, I have a nice warm hat on standby !



Hair today…

Gone on Friday!!

I spent yesterday (the parts that I wasn’t roofing a
barn or wiring a childrens play area or welding)
trying to convince the others at Amelia Farm that
they really shouldn’t cut my hair with either the
lawnmower, a pair of loppers, or a wood saw.

In the end, the photo for the local paper was of two
of the lads cutting my hair with a wood saw.

It remains long though, the last few days of
wondering what it is like to feel the cold around the
head remain. The money is rolling in and that is
what matters!!

Photo’s will be posted to prove the event in due