Going away


It’s funny the rain, when you’re going away, driving you backwards making you stay. Each raindrop a something forgotten to do, or just one more phone call, or visit or two.
Leaving you heavy with burdens behind, yet, given time, evaporates away – much like the worries and cares of the day.
So I’m leaving, getting out and going away –
I may come back someday, one-day, – Monday?

I’ll be Forrest gardening if you need me, with Martin Crawford, down in deepest Devon, just far enough away!
Looking for a new perspective, what better than permaculture to give you that!

Solar Heated Greenhouse – Progress

It’s coming along – slowly…  It might even be ready for next year at this rate!!

The base is supported on rammed earth piles, sadly I had to use a concrete block on top of each one to get a good enough level, but it is up!!  The pipes are down as you can see, a large planter served as a hub, it will have another upturned on top of it, with the fans mounted in the bottom to suck down the warm air.  A pipe will then run to the roof to collect the warm air, well that is the theory anyway…  The plants seem to grow well in there despite the incomplete state, their priorities are not ours!!

Dandelion Lawn? = Dandelion Syrup!!

The little critters are up everywhere, but before mowing them into oblivion or digging them out, try dandelion syrup.

Take as many heads as are out, add the juice of one lemon and a pint of water per 200 – 300 heads.   Adjust as your lawns proliferation of dandelions allows.  Boil, simmer for two hours then leave overnight.  Strain, add sugar (1/2 pound per pint or more if you have a real sweet tooth) and reduce until syrup.

They may not give many people pleasure in the lawn, but they certainly return a fair sweet syrup for their space in the ground!