No not mine. Damn, some may say!

But one given about a dear friend.

He and his colleague were working amongst the youth of the church and when getting together remarked at how much the church needed to change and how it didn’t support those it ought.

There were very aware of the shortcomings of the church

It is just a shame, he said that they were not quite so aware of their own!

Something to ponder for lent – be less cynical!

Remembering Dafydd

In Memory of Dafydd Owen who died this morning.

Wine and whisky, theology and films. Son, Brother, Partner, colleague or friend; however we remember Dafydd, it must be as one who was never content that he had seen it all or done everything.

If Dafydd expressed regret, knowing he was dying, it was only that there was so much more to enjoy. So many more people to be with and friends to laugh with.

Go well and travel light!