Hedgerow Harvest

Two weeks ago the elderberries looking like they wanted a week of sunshine, this week most were ripe for picking! Haws and sloes, damsons and blackberries went in the bag for good measure. Hedgerow jam is on the cards, a few sloes might find their way into some vodka by the sound of it. I’ve never been a fan of sloe gin, I like mine to taste of juniper! I’ve a feeling some of the elderberry cordial might end up on the altar at harvest time, alongside the home grown wheat-bread… [little update:  This all pails into insignificance with the bounty that was brought home from the farmers market – hmph!!]

Elderberry wine



There really isn’t very much to see, smells good though, actually it smells like a pub after a heavy night of drinking, (yeasty, alcohol-ness) which is about right I guess.  I didn’t add any extra yeast it just got going on its own.  According to calculations from many and various places it should be ready about this time next year.

See you then! ( oh, and bring a partridge to roast.)