Soil, Soul, Society

I have been working on a paper for about six months, I knew that at some point I would have to write the beginning, but have not as yet until this morning found the right words.
Soil, Soul, Society. Alastair McIntosh describes this as the “Tripartite understanding of community”

(For those who are concerned about such things, it matters not, I think, where you begin, with either soul or society or soil.  The important thing is to begin where you are.)

This is the perfect beginning as it draws together all the strands which are at the moment hanging by the threads of an idea yet to be born.  In this simple framework it all comes together so well.

So we must (re)connect with the earth, realise our interdependence with all life on the planet and learn to tread lightly.

Connect with society, our life and our death is with our [global] neighbours.

Re-congnise the Soul, that which is connected to the source of all life, in the Christian context – God.

With these three in harmony, Soil, Soul, Society it might just be possible to move beyond our current obsessions and live a more balanced and far simpler life.

Falling in…

I was sent a link to this place by a good friend, (who always comes up with inspiring and wonderful places actually) I’m not sure there are words to describe this place for me, it resonated with me on so many levels there was not room left to breathe.   I had found that experience at Amelia Farm in Barry, however here is another, there is a momentum beginning, and it is one of environmental, spiritual and healthy changes for a sustainable future.  I am planning to visit in person at some point soon, I suggest you do too, it will probably be good for the soul!!

Felin Uchaf