The butterfly effect

Has anyone seen a butterfly yet?

I saw a Red  Admiral drifting over some crocuses in my garden on February 16.

Pure existence.
Pure presence, out on the hunt for nectar, a familiar pastime that we have all engaged in.
And I thought there it was free, much freer than I in so many ways.

Do butterflies worry about repaying their mortgage, do they worry at all?
Do butterflies have to drive to the supermarket?
Do butterflies have to contend with the glories of teenage children?
Do butterflies have to write sermons, wash up, buy new socks?
Butterflies never fall out with Bishops, or have to take a bus when there are engineering works on the line.

Butterflies don’t have to fill in tax returns or endure sea sickness.

I know, as Darwin knew, that butterflies have other trials and tribulations, but they are no greater or lesser than ours they are just different.

By Peter Owen Jones.  See the full Text and be inspired at Christian Ecology Link

There goes a First in Human Ecology

Well who knows what the young lad will be when he is older, yet already old beyond his years with his perspective on animal and human life. A risk assessment, boring by anyone’s standards, made bearable by doing it with the children before gardening! Q. What are the hazards? A. Animals, we don’t want to hurt them! That must be a first, adding other animal life into the equation as if it were as important as human – which in my mind of course it is. If St. Francis were alive and dealing with risk assessments he would be proud of that young lad – ‘brother worm and sister slug’!!

Flintshare Ffynnongroyw

The first work day on the Ffynnongroyw site, a wonderful turnout from the community and beyond.  It was quite impossible to believe that such a piece of neglected land covered in deep bramble could be transformed in an afternoon to be so clear!

Bring on the living rotavators:  Chickens!!  (pigs would be quicker, but harder to contain!)

Among the discoveries were LungwortLungwort (a great find, edible and medicinal), Watermint, Mentha Aquatica(of which some is now steeping my mug!) and an apple tree which has now been disengaged from the ash growing next to it!