Yn ‘Y Nant’

Mae’n bwrw glaw yn sobor iawn yn Nant Gwrtheyrn, ddim syndod o gwbl wrth gwrs.  Ac, y cwrs heddiw ydy ynglyn yr Eglwys, ac y taith pererinion.  Wel, diolch yn fawr iawn Pegi! Dwi’n teimlo fel Gyrwr Bws ar gwyliau…

Yr ochr arall

Looking from Neston across to Wales, Holywell was easily picked out due to the water tower on the tops, I thought to myself, I’d hate to live over here with that great view, always seeing it but not being there, but then, I always look to Liverpool from Wales, not longing to be there, but comforted somehow, seeing the two Cathedrals, that it is still there! I guess those who live on this side might think the same, at least you can always see the hills from here, (weather permitting of course!) it’s good to get a different perspective on where you live, see it from a different angle. Arranging a school visit on creation this morning I have decided to let the children take me on a walk around the village to show me what is important to them. They will decide the route, afterwards I hope they will want to make a new map of the village with their points of interest drawn large!