Cycling into next week

Getting into this cycling thing, I decided that I should really test out the new(ish) bike and take it for a good long run… To St. Beuno’s and back. This was a test run for next week as we are away at the St. Beuno’s centre for three days. It was about 20 miles or so, really worth it! the views are fantastic along the route, really not done any justice by these images. (below) I was slightly concerned by the large hill Moel Maenefa that was listed as being roughly where St. Beuno’s should be, however dissimilar its name to Moel Famau, it still made me double take, fortunately its height was not!


Unfortunately the governments extra money for promoting cycling probably wont make it to Holywell, (it would have to include lifts for hills anyway!) I doubt it would speed up the return of the battery for the electric bike anyway – it has gone back for repair, already!!

It’s arrived…

The Electric bike is here – it’s got more gadgets and gizmos than Dot’s phone!! – if only that were possible

Isn’t it wonderful to connect with people and pick up where you left off?, even after a few years away – of course the good old internet helps – reflecting on an evening meeting with some old, some new, friends in Liverpool!