Hands on the rail (Part two)

I promised myself, see original post after hearing a priest talk about the hands that are open the communion rail, that I would reflect on this whilst distributing the sacrament.

I did this a few weeks ago and was quite surprised by the results.  Not that I should have been really… It only really works if you know the people in your congregation!

This is what I came up with, albeit after the event, trying to remember what I had thought at the time.

The hands that come to the rail, Anoint, Bless and Baptize.  Hands that have crafted wood, been creative, have the Care of children.  Hands that can Comfort, Cook, Clean, Caress, Console, Cling and Carry.  Hands that Dig, Drive, Dress, Feed, Grab, Heal, Hold, Mend and Nurture.  Hands that have Picked up, Prepared and Planted, Played and Polished.  Hands that Repair, Support, Serve, Sew, Shield and Shelter.  Hands that Type and Talk, Write, Wash and Wipe.  Hands that are Young, Old, Clean, Dirty, Lined, Smooth, gnarled, Missing fingers, Cracked, Well manicured, Cold, have Bad circulation.

All the hands that come to the rail to receive have spent at least part of their life offering skills, time and talents for the benefit of others.  Here they are come to receive a simple blessing from God when all the while they have been blessing the world in their own way.


It’s still Epiphany – two weeks to go, so why are people in so much of a hurry to take down the seasonal decorations? – I’m holding out for Candlemass…


The Trees stand guard


This is a poor picture, I only had my phone on me – sorry about that!!  I’ll have to return another day with a proper camera.

The impression I get of these trees is one of sentries standing guard over whatever is at their centre, knarled fingers reaching out to catch the curious who might just wander close by.  Rooted (literally of course) to the spot they cannot move from their position, nor can they turn to see what is in the centre, nor can they see the others around them.

They just stand bent outwards watching the world pass by daring it to try to break through their cordon.  On closer inspection there is nothing at the centre.

Careful management has ensured that no saplings have been allowed to grow up around them, so the crop of trees behind them is not replicated here.

Perhaps whatever they stood to protect has gotten bored and moved off…

I guess I hope I never get quite so ‘rooted’ to any one spot!!