Cycling slowly along the Taff, river bubbling happily along in no hurry, just like me today.
It’s half term, kids out of school, you might think there would be a riot at home, but no, not too bad!
Two hours of blissful Christology, and off to the library for a little light reading on myth story and reality.
Back home, gentle stroll with the kids in the park, what other profession can give such simple pleasures in life?
Of course, back to earth with a bump this evening, nothing lasts forever, except perhaps God, and even that is under question!

The Cardiff Bay Lightship

In 1988 the churches in Cardiff were called together by the Cardiff Bay Development Corporation to discuss the role of Christianity in the bay area. The churches were seen as playing an important part in the community and should be involved at the very hub of the new developments. To this end Helwick LV14 was purchased and restoration begun to create a floating Christian Centre.

The Lightship provides a bold central focus for the Churches of Wales and will be home to a centre for counselling, worship, exhibitions, meetings, a book shop, refreshment area and the cabins will be used for small residential stays, especially designed for youth groups.