Walking on

As we begin the North Wales Pilgrim’s Way…

Take off your shoes and walk a mile in mine.
Walk in step unknowing beside our companions.
Walk slowly alongside those we nurture
Walk with an offer of hospitality and sanctuary to those we meet.
Walk with the inspiration to take a lighter journey
Walk with joy in every season.
Walk on a wide path with those we meet but rarely.
Walk on to catch but a glimpse of those far off.
Walk with kindred spirits from other islands.
Walk with souls connected at the deep down.
Walk on with a shared past, a story of struggle or pain.
Walk offering gifts, or a generous word.
Walk with a conversation picked up from the last journey.
Walk with poets whose words become the path.
Walk with a protest on our lips and a banner in our heart.
Walk with those who hold us in prayer, with those for whom we must pray.
Walk with those who offer a new challenge
Walk close to those who are a challenge.
Walk with a shared chance encounter.
Walk, lives connected, weaving in and out
Walk with those who sing, and with those who we wish would not sing.
Walk as artists gathering the colours of nature
Walk with those we have carried and allow them to carry us in their turn.
Walk with the gentle ones, and those who could learn to be gentle
Walk with a vision to go further than we can go
Walk a woven path with the friends of friends of friends
Walk with those who make us laugh at ourselves
Walk with those whose words will carry us until our walking days are done.
Walk in the company of strangers who at journeys end become friends.

Earth Rising

As our eyes are drawn upwards for ascension.
Watching the drift of far off clouds disperse
rising to heights we cannot attain with expectant
dreams of far off lands.  How far will our next step
take us as the Earth rises up to meet our foot fall and
we are once again connected?  And of coming back
down?  Look not to the skies but all around.


read at the end of a walk up a hill for ‘ascension’.


Conversation kindles a fire for justice.  In
gathering and hearing stories, lives are touched
as folk are stirred with hope and passion for new
beginnings.  Meanwhile the old arguments exude
collusions and illusions of grandeur.  Behind closed
doors executive words seem empty, unable to move
beyond content and agreeable noises.  Stop a while,
listen, respect each other and go your way as friends.