Long time no blog

Been all over actually in the past month. To Scotland for two weeks, then one week at home in North Wales, then a week of moving. Basically driving up and down the A470 with our stuff.

I wish I could say this has been an enlightening experience, but actually it was just dead boring!

except for the lovely tea and bacon sandwiches from Nigel’s cafe half way!!


Strange that I should be reading from a Islamic Mystic at this time. Seriously though, we (those of us who do care how our fellow travellers are treated) should all read a bit of Islamic material – beats a lot of the the trashy Christian stuff I get to read. Not sure what it is about it, just seems so sincere.

Anyway, Rumi.

One Morning while working in Bangor, the Chaplain (John) had been doing Zen as usual and had left a note on the desk… Is there a God? Well I replied with some quirky remark now lost in the depths of recycling, but yesterday while reading Rumi came up with a far better answer.

Why should I seek? I am the same as
he. His essence speaks through me.
I have been looking for myself!

Rumi Selected Poems PENGUIN CLASSICS 2004


I’m sure there have been loads of these around for a while, but this one ( ) is really worthwhile. A little gem in your inbox each morning. Today’s ‘Dig’ was this…

Think what the world could look like if we took care of the poor even half as well as we do our bibles!

Far from making me guilty about not giving enough money to charity or supporting enough worthy causes, or even checking the Make Poverty History website often enough, (there’s got to be a link to that here somewhere… :o) ) I looked at my Bible in shame and though about getting it re-covered. Not quite the message of the quote, but perhaps (I would hope) I have priorities slightly straighter than those the quote is aimed at!

Well we are on the move. 16th of August we will be in Cardiff starting the next big journey