I’m sure there have been loads of these around for a while, but this one ( ) is really worthwhile. A little gem in your inbox each morning. Today’s ‘Dig’ was this…

Think what the world could look like if we took care of the poor even half as well as we do our bibles!

Far from making me guilty about not giving enough money to charity or supporting enough worthy causes, or even checking the Make Poverty History website often enough, (there’s got to be a link to that here somewhere… :o) ) I looked at my Bible in shame and though about getting it re-covered. Not quite the message of the quote, but perhaps (I would hope) I have priorities slightly straighter than those the quote is aimed at!

Well we are on the move. 16th of August we will be in Cardiff starting the next big journey

School !!

Doesn’t it feel great when you can seriously say you have given something your best shot and been victorious.

Last Friday I gave the Cardiff council’s schools service a shock to the system. Their dealing of our application for schools was ridiculous in the extreme and so the appeal committee ruled in our favour commenting they had never seen such a messed up application!

So the kids can go to the local welsh school which was what we always wanted. Just got to make the washing machine fit in the right gap and all will be fine!! (well almost all…)

P.S. ((Harry Potter #6 out on Friday!!))

A week of Fun and Games!

I’m sure balloon modeling will come in useful at some point while ordained, but even if not, it keeps the kids happy.

That’s what I’ve been doing for the past week. Our eldest daughter’s birthday was on Sunday, usual party etc, bouncy castle etc. Oh can you make balloon models she says, yeah course I can, good, here you are then!

And so it was that I got started with this strange hobby, not been going long, but its really quite addictive, almost as bad as the Sudoku puzzles.

There must be a place for modeling balloons for kids during a service, just have to brush up on lions and arks etc!