A week of Fun and Games!

I’m sure balloon modeling will come in useful at some point while ordained, but even if not, it keeps the kids happy.

That’s what I’ve been doing for the past week. Our eldest daughter’s birthday was on Sunday, usual party etc, bouncy castle etc. Oh can you make balloon models she says, yeah course I can, good, here you are then!

And so it was that I got started with this strange hobby, not been going long, but its really quite addictive, almost as bad as the Sudoku puzzles.

There must be a place for modeling balloons for kids during a service, just have to brush up on lions and arks etc!

Out with the old

It is never as strange as you might seem leaving a place of work and then going back to it the very next week to continue what you were supposed to leave.

Everyone says goodbye, you get the card and (actually a very nice bottle of whisky) and off you toddle. Strange then when you return to finish what you were supposed to do that everyone keeps saying, ‘oh, I thought you’d left!’

Such is life. But leaving everything behind is not as unpleasant as it seems to start with. Bills came in today that I know I wont see paid, that at least gave me a sense of departure, but mostly it is the comforting feeling that nothing will be the same again. Comforting? Well, yes, really. The end of the end can only be described as an opportunity to begin again. New friends, new places, and no paperwork, well not much, well not the same, well more interesting paperwork anyway!

First Blog

Well, this is where it all begins. The house is found, a school is not, but will be organised soon, the college is waiting for arrival…. and still we have to sell our house and move.

So much to do and so little time, I should also be going to Iona and Camas this summer, it seems there are not enough weeks in the year, or that they are all in the same few months at any rate!
Well this is a beginning and hopefully it will become something worth reading eventually.