On his departing

His going shall not dull the sound
of stories made tall for all and the
longing lilt of voice makes plain
the love begotten and given.

Though far-fetched and distant strange
worlds came closer in those tones and
imaginations ease flowed freely with
the tongue which never died.

Across some counter gavest he
of victuals to those famished souls
but gave they back in strange
settlement a food of words anew.

Once open a door such as this could
not be closed on a life loved and lived
with generosities of pure desire to see
ones kindred welcomed fed.

And if hospitality had its fault
are you going just now you’ve only come
stay awhile and feast some more
on all that life gives to ponder.

The last connection never broke is the
one which draws us to this heart as
we here sit and silent wait his life
poured out into our own has made us what we are.