Clean Shaved

There comes a time in a man’s life when he questions the future of his hair’s existence, (i.e. he is starting to thin) Of course his wife, not having the same problem is overjoyed by the idea of transformation from long haired hippy to bald coot.

So started the idea of removing it and getting sponsored to do so. There is no point getting it cut without doing it for money, because really I like it long! The sponsor money will go to Comic Relief and a local Methodist trust, Amelia Farm for whom I have been working as a volunteer for the last 8 months.

Bearing in mind I haven’t cut my hair for about 6 years, it should be rather a comic result, either that or I will (like Samson) lose the will to live.

Anyway I’m removing it, the hairdresser is booked and I shall be one head of hair lighter by 2.30pm on Friday 16th.

If you wish to donate, email me!!

2 thoughts on “Clean Shaved

  1. oh my word, does that mean you are growing up….please no….. Sylvia has insisted that I am no longer allowed to be ‘the naughty corner’ as I am to be joint convener with her …. we’ll see!!

  2. If you’re set on this haircut then perhaps the only option for Dot …
    … is to do the same….???

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