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When one comes back to reality, like the weeks following Easter, from all the festivities, there is the desperate need to ‘Catch up’ on what one might have missed! The news from the world was of weddings and atrocities – nothing new there then. Ploughing through the podcast list, I am now reliably informed on such matters as diverse as Solar energy, immortality, cacao, ship wreaks of Britain and the like. Not to mention the latest goings on the humble village of Ambridge. I think my brain is now full and I could do with a week to ‘download’ all the information into something useful. On the useful note the postman brought an application for ‘HotRocs’ a feed-in-tarrif for solar thermal generators. Only available to Good Energy customers, so you’ll have to switch if you want to join in! The W/E brings the prospects of BBQ, party and probably a shower of rain or two – at last.

a bit of a talk…

“Of course they will expect a bit of a talk…”
Those words were echoing through my mind as the first reading from Genesis was being read.
Creation, story, unbelief, busses and their god-less messages anything less meaningless!!

Inspiration at the last possible moment came whilst drifting away from the reading back to the morning’s breakfast. The children wanted to watch a video whilst eating and chose Narnia! I was now re-creating the scene for my congregation in which Lucy (the youngest of the four Narnian adventurers was not believed about the land behind the wardrobe, even though she was more truthful out of herself and Edmond!
It occured to me as dd1 asked if there was a real place called Narnia me that perhaps we have lost our ability to imagine and to see the truth in stories needing to see tangible evidence.
The desperate need to know whether Narnia was real was not helped by my assertion that stories are as real as we want or need them to be. Those who don’t need or want the creation story to be real have seemingly lost the childhood ability to imagine a world beyond our own, strangly, something i attribute to the assertion of David Attenborough when he said recently on BBC1 about Darwin, that humanity believed it was the dominant race because the bible says so.
Such a lack of imagination not to engage with the story, but simply to say this is how it is.
If we start to realise we are not the most important creature on this planet, then that can be a starting point for cooperation rather than domination.  Of course that is the scary part for those with fixed ideas about the unseen world as we have to start to let go of our power over our own future…

All from the comments of a 9 year old sceptic!


Ok Church of England, it’s up to you – according to HFW that is, on River Cottage Autumn  all that land going spare, plenty of it could be used for growing vegetables and other culinary delights.  The Diocese of London seems to be in on the act.  I wonder if the church would consider going one step further and firstly managing the land it owns sustainably and secondly, securing land around its own buildings, perhaps even buying up vacant lots of land to slow development and give more potential for growing… …  See Hugh’s Landshare site.