Return to reality

Back for a reality check for a few days.

This isn’t to last … off to clergy conference next week. As John says, everything seems to go wrong when you go away, well not so much for me, but life in the parish has become busy to say the least, even though we won’t be here!!!!

Three days back in Cardiff was a bit of a strange experience – the food was probably the most strange – it was really good!

Am enjoying three bars of Green & Blacks Maya Gold courtesy of Hermy 1 . Munch Munch…

Back to College

We, that is the Deacons in Wales who were ordained this year, are back in college for a few days.

It is certainly strange being back, I did not envisage missing much, yet the nostalgia attached to being here is certainly quite unsettling. I think it must be the lack of being on show, able to relax, not caring what others think so much. This is especially true in chapel. A few of us realised that we have being giving for the past two months, not taking, as far as the worship is concerned and it is great to do something for yourself.

So if that is the perspective after two months; what will the feelings be like by next year?

Steps must be taken to avoid only giving. There is a solemn mass on Friday for the Nativity of the Virgin Mary organised by the local SCP at Llanfair TH, hopefully that should start to alleviate feelings of self neglect!

I also need to find a way to package a hug and send it through the post…