Half-way out of the dark?  So The Doctor proclaimed on Christmas day, now we are half way out of the dark, Candlemass marking the halfway point towards the spring equinox.  Always a time for celebration and an appropriate time to make a promise for the year,  much better than at the turn of the year when bellies are full of purkey and tooding.  With St. Brigit just over our shoulder shedding a spirit of poetry, writing and creativity, Light a candle, write your promise to yourself and seal it in an envelope.  Open it when the sun is high in the sky and talk of frost is a distant memory.

Embarrassing initials

There are many sets of initials that one would really not want, however one would really not put C.F.A in that category.  However, Charlie Andrews must have really done something extrordinary to be re-named within his life time as ‘Christ’s Faithful Apostle’ much to his embarrassment!  He probably deserved it though from the testimony of one Mohandas Ghandi, when asked by Christian missionaries how they should witness he answered, ‘copy Charlie Andrews.’  I mention him in relation to South Africa where he had an extreme experience of the scandal and racial division.  20 years ago a young school boy of 15 was stunned into silence by the teacher (who’s name admittedly has gone the way of many things) announcing the release of one Nelson Mandela.  The significance of that day was only to be realised manay years later.  Those who followed Ghandi’s advice and have copied CF Andrews in his humble service to the poor and to Christ have much to rejoice on such a day and many such were striving for the peace of South Africa.  If only the same spirits able to be reproduced in today’s places of apartheid.  (BBC on Mandela 20 years on.)

on enlarging the heart

We are a lazy species for the most part, that’s not to say we don’t need (want?) all manner of things to take away some of the effort of daily life, how long before the ipad becomes a necessity as have gadgets before it.  Two of the best comments on said item are conveniently together, the ipitaph.

When it comes to church and religion in general we can be even more lazy.  Few of us, I think, will ever do what St. Thomas Aquinas did and put theology before such rigorous questioning.  Of course papal authorities were lazy too!  Instead of engaging with the questions that Aquinas raised his “Summa” was seen as the answers to theological inquiry.  I wonder what the heart of Aquinas was like?  The legacy of St. Thomas Aquinas is then perhaps an open mind and an open heart both at work ready to discover the best, then of course at the end, when it is revealed to us, to lay down the pen / ipad / iphone / laptop etc. and dwell in the vision of God.  An open heart, open to a myriad of possibilities.

I know, Aquinas is normally remembered on 28th, but I was lazy…