in a crowded room

You arrived late, you always did
as I recall and you came and sat
there in the midst of them.  One
or two moved up to give you space
in the crowded room though that
might have been on account of your
eclectic clothing and unkempt hair.
Yet your bright eyes and half smile
spoke a thousand different stories.
The great and the good were there
and the speaker offered profound words
into the gathering of responsibility and
representation.  Did we fulfil them in our
welcome or, once again, miss you sitting
amongst us waiting for an invitation.


For Ifor who was always there, and often ignored.

Reflecting on Rowan Williams lecture for Bangor University Chaplaincy 24th April 2017

marriage blossom

As two we love are wed –
long time in the making –
together in this marriage
families unite within bonds
of love of friendships already
held.  This moment, a new beginning
nurtured over years and upon
relationships of old. May this new
found love flourish bringing to birth
a blossom burst of old and new together.


written for Greg and Vickie married today 22nd April

arrivals gate

At the arrivals gate a family gathers.
A few curious onlookers stop to see.
No royalty here, no armed guard just
a donkey and her colt carrying a sole
figure.  From Bethany perhaps where
wine, bread and olives were shared
before for this journey.  Another gate
not so far away soldiers come to keep
the peace they said but you can’t keep
what you never had.  Armed guards and
courtiers accompany those who wash their
hands with sanctions over the violence of others.