Going away


It’s funny the rain, when you’re going away, driving you backwards making you stay. Each raindrop a something forgotten to do, or just one more phone call, or visit or two.
Leaving you heavy with burdens behind, yet, given time, evaporates away – much like the worries and cares of the day.
So I’m leaving, getting out and going away –
I may come back someday, one-day, – Monday?

I’ll be Forrest gardening if you need me, with Martin Crawford, down in deepest Devon, just far enough away!
Looking for a new perspective, what better than permaculture to give you that!

The butterfly effect

Has anyone seen a butterfly yet?

I saw a Red  Admiral drifting over some crocuses in my garden on February 16.

Pure existence.
Pure presence, out on the hunt for nectar, a familiar pastime that we have all engaged in.
And I thought there it was free, much freer than I in so many ways.

Do butterflies worry about repaying their mortgage, do they worry at all?
Do butterflies have to drive to the supermarket?
Do butterflies have to contend with the glories of teenage children?
Do butterflies have to write sermons, wash up, buy new socks?
Butterflies never fall out with Bishops, or have to take a bus when there are engineering works on the line.

Butterflies don’t have to fill in tax returns or endure sea sickness.

I know, as Darwin knew, that butterflies have other trials and tribulations, but they are no greater or lesser than ours they are just different.

By Peter Owen Jones.  See the full Text and be inspired at Christian Ecology Link

Podcast Junkie


When one comes back to reality, like the weeks following Easter, from all the festivities, there is the desperate need to ‘Catch up’ on what one might have missed! The news from the world was of weddings and atrocities – nothing new there then. Ploughing through the podcast list, I am now reliably informed on such matters as diverse as Solar energy, immortality, cacao, ship wreaks of Britain and the like. Not to mention the latest goings on the humble village of Ambridge. I think my brain is now full and I could do with a week to ‘download’ all the information into something useful. On the useful note the postman brought an application for ‘HotRocs’ a feed-in-tarrif for solar thermal generators. Only available to Good Energy customers, so you’ll have to switch if you want to join in! The W/E brings the prospects of BBQ, party and probably a shower of rain or two – at last.