Resurrected – Paper

Poo Paper Cover

This is the message printed on the back of our Easter Service books, hot off the press today!!

Well, at least one person found it amusing when I wrote it, we’ll have to wait and see what the general consensus is.  (The paper is covered in plastic, so no contamination is possible)  You too can do this:

adrift with the christ

The Parish Away day in preparation for Holy Week Easter – focussing on seeing a larger Christ.

A meditation in preparation for time spent in quiet with the hills, woods, chickens and bees!

Psalm 62

(Music: ‘Nunc Dimittis’ Christian Forshaw)
It is as if we are dead to the world that is before us. And we must die to this life to be reborn as children of the one who gives us life. It is as if we are dead to the world.

There is no divide, yet we have cut ourselves away, as if not a part of the rest of the world.

(Music: ‘Adrift’ Iona)
Smoke rises up as if from the water all around, there is no land in sight, we are cast adrift in the land where there is no separation, encompassing all that is, that has been and that shall be.

Cast us adrift to float in the in-between world that connects us from the fake to the real, from the selfish to the generous, from fighting against to working with, from the arrogant to the humble.

(Music: ‘Irish Day’ Iona)
The dawning of a new day comes as sand to the keel. It is time to awaken from our slumber, to re-engage, re-create, re-generate. Who we once were, that we shall be again. In harmony with rather than against, walking alongside rather than trampling over.

Open our eyes to see the beauty within us and around us.

Awaken in us the yearning spirit which is connected at the deepest level to every living, breathing, growing being. To trees, rivers, mountains, grass, animals, fish. enable us to see they are created in your image as we are. Reconnect us to each other.

For they honour you with each budding, petal opening, leaf unfolding. The quiet breath, the crawling life transforming, the buzzing of the faithful servant.

And it is the Christ in whom they have their being, Christ who was before all things, is in all things and through all things.

Where your treasure is – there is your heart.

Treasure it, love it, live it, breathe it, honour it and live in the knowledge and light of the christ, in the unity that defies definition or description.

Leaving Prayer

Roll out the Vicar…   my contribution to our leavers service in the school.

A Leaving Prayer

God we pray:

May you who leave this place:
Take with you every blessing you have received here:

Blessings of friendship
Blessings of memories
Blessings of knowledge

And may you who leave here today to begin a new journey, leave us your blessing; your uniqueness, the mark you leave on this place that is only you.

May you all be refreshed this summer, Teachers, Pupils, Support Staff, and parents,

So when term begins again,
You may all meet new challenges, new places, new people,
with a bright and cheerful heart.

So we pray that all may grow and learn to live with Love.

May God bless you all this day and through all the days to come.  Amen.