Hardy perennials

Away for a few days learning to be a new incumbent, we arrived for lunch greeted by the ‘hardy perennials’ a group of ladies of no specific age taking root in the dining room, as we prepare to work, ‘the tempest’ begins and we are overrun by sailors, beasts and maidens. Is this a vision of a new incumbancy?

Hafod Eryri


“The Summit of Snowdon:  Here you are nearer to heaven”

Catchy sentiments; and maybe, but still a long way off, were my first impressions.  I think I’ll have to sit out on the theological arguments about that one!!  Later thoughts might have contemplated things along the lines of this: Climbers and walkers are among the most generously spirited folk and the camaraderie of the mountain climbing fraternity has something to offer to an often mean spirited world, perhaps a glimpse of heaven? Well, to the world of a popular (or perhaps less so) religion, I guess it is easier to have heaven as a place out of reach to even those who chose to climb an average-sized mountain.

However, the new building looks great and sits well on Yr Wyddfa, (something the old cafe never did, but I’ll miss the Guinness)

Hafod Eryri opens on June 12th weather permitting!!

getting wet

i’ve ridden a bike in rain before, but yesterday was something else!
So much for waterproof gear, it had no chance – thank goodness for overly warm hotel rooms! Not sure i would ever say that… It was truly bizare though, once i had got out of the valleys on the 470 it was as dry as it could be, not a drop! It was also very strange going back into Cardiff on that road, i remember driving down the first time in a van with rebecca, every little town we came across, ‘is this cardiff?’ poor dear, she only knew Llanrug and Bangor, cardiff was a bit too big to understand at 6